Sukuk Contracts in Islamic Capital Market: Shari’ah and Legal Analysis

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    This book conveys the understanding on Shari’ah and legal analysis of Sukuk contracts in Islamic capital market in the Malaysian context. Sukuk provides a stable and viable source of long term funding and further generate positive capital and business expansion. The idea of this book is to enhance the legal infrastructure on both concepts of Shari’ah and common law contracts in order to sustain feasible growth of Islamic finance. Prior to that, it covers the overview of Islamic capital market, major prohibitions in Islamic financial transactions, Sukuk and contracts analysis in the market regulatory requirement in Sukuk transactions. Also. To highlight the important on the identification of the Shari’ah and legal risks in the Sukuk investment that related to the documentation of Sukuk transaction. The book also discusses on the Sukuk dispute resolution for an impactful feasible implementation on Sukuk transactions.

    Author Ahcene Lahsasna ISBN/ISNN 978-967-16878-0-2
    Publisher Salihin Publication Year 2019
    Category Edition First Edition
    Sub Category Islamic Capital Market Pages 145
    Level SKU 0
    Binding Hardcover Stock 100
    Language English Keyword Islamic Capital Market