Islamic Wealth Management and Financial Advisory: A Study Guide

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    This study guide should be handy to anyone who is interested to learn the various spectrum of Islamic wealth management as it provides a step-by-step process in constructing a holistic financial plan through the use of case studies. It is a quick and easy guide on the area of wealth management, covering both theoretical and practical aspects. The guide features a question and answer format with example and illustrations, where appropriate to show how it works in practice. 

    It is presented in the form of case studies that apply the knowledge of Islamic wealth management and financial advisory. Each case study is supported by the key components of Islamic wealth planning which comprises of cash flow, assets and liability management, takaful and risk management, Islamic investment planning, zakat and tax planning, retirement planning, estate and waqf planning, with the objective of testing the skills via analysis and evaluation. It is hoped that this study guide will serve as a significant reference to many in the wealth management industry.

    Author Ahcene Lahsasna Maznita Mokhtar Ruslinda Sulaiman ISBN/ISNN 978-967-0149-51-6
    Publisher IBFIM Publication Year 2014
    Category Edition First Edition
    Sub Category Pages 187
    Level SKU 0
    Binding Paperback Stock 2
    Language English Keyword Wealth Management