Fundamentals of Shariah Financial Planning

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    The Internalization of Islamic finance in Europe and other parts of the world spurns us to believe that our Shariah Registered Financial Planner (Shariah RFP) programme is relevant to meet market demands. In Malaysia, Islamic finance is growing exponentially. This new Shariah RFP text module features fully updated information to reflect the current changes in the market sphere. First written by industry leading practitioners in 2008, the work has been further enhanced to correctly reflect the exponential changes Islamic Finance has undergone over the recent years as the industry has seen the introduction of many new Islamic financial products in the market place. 

    Despite the rapid growth for Islamic financial products, it is predicted that there is plenty of room for further expansion with Muslims forming a quarter of the world’s population, Islamic finance has set to redefine responsible financing. Relevant case studies are presented throughout the modules with insightful chapters designed for easy navigation and understanding on Shariah Financial Planning, concepts and terminologies.

    Author Ahcene Lahsasna ISBN/ISNN 978-967-0149-76-9
    Publisher IBFIM Publication Year 2016
    Category Edition First Edition
    Sub Category Pages 297
    Level SKU 0
    Binding Hardcover Stock 2
    Language English Keyword Wealth Management, Financial Planning